Ready To Try Some Aqua Pearls? 4 Creative Uses For The Water-Filled Gems

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If you've been wondering what aqua pearls are, they're little polymer beads that expand when exposed to water. Once the beads have expanded, they can be used for a variety of projects. One of the great things about aqua beads is that they can be used over and over again. If they start to dry out, all you have to do is place them in water. They'll absorb the moisture they need and then you can use them again.  Here are just a few ways that you can use aqua pearls in your daily life.

Floral Arrangements

A floral arrangement can be difficult to transport when the vase is filled with water. One quick stop and the water is spilled all over the car. If you're using aqua pearls, you won't have to worry about the messy clean-up. Simply soak your aqua pearls in water, place them in a strainer to remove the excess water, and then pour the beads into the vase. The aqua pearls will keep your floral arrangement perfectly watered.

House Plants

If you love house plants, but you aren't home often enough to water them correctly, aqua pearls will allow you to keep your plants watered when you're away. This method works particularly well with small herb gardens. Place your plant in the planter. Pour aqua pearls around the plant. Your plant will now receive the water it needs, even when you're away. When the beads begin to shrink – meaning they're drying out – simply add water to allow them to reconstitute.

Cold Therapy

Headaches, mild muscle aches and even minor fevers respond well to cold therapy. If you don't like the feel of hard ice when you're applying an ice pack, switch to aqua pearls. Fill a resealable plastic baggie with the aqua pearls and place the baggie in the freezer. The aqua pearls will freeze to a soft, slushy consistency. When they lose their cool, simply place them back in the freezer.

Foot Baths

If your feet hurt after a long day at work, you can use aqua pearls to give your feet a relaxing soak. Fill a small plastic basin with the aqua pearls. Sit down in a comfortable chair and place your feet in the basin. Your feet will be massaged by the tiny water-filled aqua pearls.

Aqua pearls have a wide assortment of valuable uses. Put them to work for you in one of the creative ways described above. You can find aqua pearls for sale in many places online.