Fall In Love With Autumn Decor Made With Hardware Store Finds

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If you enjoy welcoming new seasons by changing your home décor, fall is one of the best seasons of all to dress your home up with color. With vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow combined with rich brown hues, autumn-inspired crafts will fill your home with the colors of nature. And the best thing about it is you only have to go as far as your local hardware store to find many of the items you need for your fall-inspired decorating and craft needs.

Wooden crate decorating

Wooden crates are perfect for fall decorating and can be spray-painted sunflower yellow to create an autumn arrangement for a front porch or entryway to welcome guests. Use three wooden crates to create your grouping by placing two grates on the bottom and one stacked on top. Place colorful fall leaves inside the crates for a boost of color and complete the look by arranging various-sized pumpkins and gourds around and on top of the crates.

Jar candles

Pick up a few mason jars or other plain glass jars at your hardware store to make candles for a lovely table centerpiece or to use on a bedroom nightstand or bathroom vanity. Place a colorful leaf inside each jar and add a flameless votive candle. Finish the look by tying a piece of jute twine around the jar top to create a bow and place the jars on a wooden tray or charger plate to enhance the look. 

Stack of books

Gather at least three old books you no longer use and paint each book with acrylic paint from your hardware store in fall colors. Rustic red, sunflower yellow, and burnt orange are great paint color choices for your book decoration. Once the paint is dry, stack the books on top of each other and secure them with a string of jute twine to use as a charming decoration for an accent table.

Cozy and comforting, the season of autumn is a time for fresh starts and making your home warm and inviting for cooler days ahead. It only takes a little bit of fall color to watch your home come to life for the arrival of a new season. You do not have to spend a lot of money on decorations to use for your home décor, and your local hardware store contains a treasure trove of supplies to get you started on making nature-inspired home accent pieces.

Visit a hardware store for more ideas.