Storage Solutions For A Set Of Soft Play Big Blocks

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If big soft blocks are going to be added to your children's center as a material that kids can use during creative play, having a viable way to store the blocks will aid in keeping the piece organized while they are not in use. Choose a block product and a permanent storage solution for the additions.

A Trolley

A lightweight carrier that contains pieces that snap together and possesses open spaces around the perimeter of the unit will allow easy access and transportability. Purchase a colorful trolley that can be stored in the corner of the recreational room where the children will be playing with the soft blocks.

At the beginning of the day, move the trolley's caster wheels across the floor, without needing to worry about scratches appearing in the floor covering. A portable transport device that is designed to store and haul blocks contains rubber-covered wheels that will glide across any indoor floor covering material.

When playtime is over, demonstrate the proper way to place the blocks inside of the trolley enclosure. Since a block trolley contains many openings at various heights, small children can take part in the cleanup efforts.

Drawstring Bags And A Large Crate Or Bin

Some soft play block sets include a drawstring storage bag. Even if you purchase a product that contains freestanding blocks, you can purchase a couple of mesh or fabric bags that contain a drawstring feature.

Have a large crate or bin installed in the corner of the center. If someone is going to be constructing the storage feature by hand, request that a fitted lid is added to the top of it. A locking device can be added to the lid, to prevent youngsters from trying to open, close, or climb into the container.

Before opening the center for the day, retrieve the blocks and pile them up where the children will be playing with them. At the end of each day, walk through the center and place the blocks inside of the drawstring bags, prior to depositing the bags into the storage container.

Thin Blocks That Can Be Used To Construct A Playhouse

If your children's center isn't large or if you do not have adequate space for large soft play blocks, purchase a thinner variety that possesses a lock-together feature. Some foam block sets are designed to create a playhouse, and this type of feature could remain intact on a daily basis. Aid with constructing the playhouse and allow the children to play inside of it.

Purchase a smaller block type for children to use during 'hands-on' activities. Because the playhouse will not be taken down, you will only need to use a small storage box for the smaller blocks that you have purchased. For more information about storing children's soft play big blocks, contact a local supplier.