Want To Enhance Your Home's Lighting? 4 Places To Add LED Lights

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A home could have the nicest features, but poor lighting can prevent it from looking impressive. The first course of action should be to upgrade the lights throughout the home, whether this involves changing the light fixtures, switching to LED from incandescent or CFL, or adjusting the light wattage.

If your home needs better lighting, you should definitely follow the ideas above. But, you should also take advantage of opportunities to add new lighting, which can further improve your home's appearance.

Behind Monitors and TVs

When it comes to choosing the type of light, LED is an easy winner on cost and convenience. So, you should consider getting LED lights to put behind your computer monitors and televisions. It is best to get rope lights as you can string them along the edges to create a theater-like appearance. Another viable option requires taking one lightbulb and placing it directly behind the monitor or TV to create an even glow around the entire frame, which will greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Headboard Lighting

If you want to lay down in bed with some light on, you can benefit from headboard lighting. Instead of having to get up out of bed when you are ready to turn the lights off, you can just reach your hand over and flip a switch to put the light out for the night. It is ideal when you are able to equip these LED lights with dimmers, which allow you to gradually dim the lights as it gets later and you get sleepier.

Office Desk

Lighting up your office desk can be accomplished in many ways. For instance, you can take the shelving above your desk and use it to mount lights that provide the space with overall lighting. It is also possible to take this a step further by mounting directional lighting that you can adjust as needed.

Inside Bookshelves

Illuminating decorative parts of your home is an excellent way to add accent lighting. This type of lighting can serve as the perfect nightlight to keep on when you would like to have some light at nighttime. Also, it can help you showcase a certain portion of a room to make it stand out as the area of focus.

Introducing new lighting into your home is not an easy task as you should already have a decent amount of light. Putting a lot of thought into adding LED lights can help you guarantee a positive outcome.

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